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Mobile Brake Shoe Services

Areas Served: Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky

Current Queue: Little To No Wait

Properly maintained and quality brake shoes are essential for consistent and reliable braking performance, contributing to safe driving experiences and the longevity of your braking system. When it comes to your vehicle’s braking system, brake shoes provide the critical friction needed to bring your vehicle to a safe stop.

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Convenient and Quality Mobile Brake Shoe Services for Your Vehicle

At Fast Fleet, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient brake shoes in ensuring your safety on the road. As industry leaders, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions from inspection, diagnostics, replacements, and adjustments, that enhance your fleet’s braking performance and longevity.

Common Reasons for Brake Shoe Failures

Normal Wear and Tear

Brake shoes are subject to continuous friction and heat during braking. Over time, this wear and tear can lead to a reduction in lining thickness, affecting their ability to generate friction and causing reduced braking performance.

Heat Stress

Excessive heat generated during heavy or prolonged braking can cause brake shoes to overheat. This can lead to glazing of the friction material, making it less effective in creating friction with the drum.


Brake shoes can become contaminated with oil, grease, or brake fluid, which can compromise their friction properties. Contamination reduces the ability of the friction material to grip the brake drum, resulting in reduced braking power.


Exposure to moisture and environmental factors can lead to corrosion on the backing plate or other metal components of the brake shoes. Corrosion weakens the structural integrity of the shoes and can cause them to fail prematurely.

Improper Adjustment

Brake shoes that are not properly adjusted may not make full contact with the brake drum. This can result in uneven wear and reduced braking efficiency.

Seized or Damaged Hardware

Springs, clips, and pins that hold the brake shoes in place can seize or become damaged. When these components don't function correctly, it can lead to uneven wear and ineffective braking.

Aggressive Driving or Heavy Loads

Frequent hard braking or carrying heavy loads can accelerate wear on brake shoes, leading to faster deterioration and potential failure.

Lack of Maintenance

Skipping regular brake system inspections and maintenance can allow issues to go unnoticed. Neglecting maintenance routines can lead to severe wear, reduced performance, and potentially unsafe braking conditions.


Like all mechanical components, brake shoes have a finite lifespan. As they age, they may become more susceptible to fatigue and stress, increasing the risk of failure.
Regular inspections, proper maintenance, and timely replacements with high-quality brake shoes are essential to ensure the continued safe and efficient operation of a vehicle’s braking system. Understanding these common reasons for brake shoe failures is crucial for drivers and fleet managers.

Why Brake Shoes Matter?

Brake shoes are an integral part of the drum brake system, responsible for pressing against the brake drum to create friction and slow down or stop the vehicle.
Well-maintained brake shoes ensure consistent and predictable braking, contributing to safer driving experiences and shorter stopping distances.
Quality brake shoes are engineered to withstand high levels of heat and friction, providing longevity and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Properly functioning brake shoes minimize wear and tear on other braking components, potentially saving you money on costly repairs in the long run.

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When looking for mobile truck repair, the waiting game is a long one. Whether in the dead of night, or in the middle of rush hour traffic, you’ll want to find a reliable partner who can help you with your troubles so that you can be on your way safe and sound.

Fast Fleet excels in providing mobile truck repair services to truckers and commercial transportation companies in the South Eastern United States. With an experienced team of technicians ready to go at a moments notice, you’ll be counting miles driven, and not minutes waited, in no time.

As a locally owned and operated company, we guarantee lowest and fairest prices in the business.

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