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Fast Fleet’s On-Site Annual DOT Inspections are your ticket to streamlined compliance and peace of mind. We bring certified inspectors directly to your location, ensuring that your fleet meets the highest safety and compliance standards while saving you time and reducing downtime. Whether you choose to schedule this essential service well in advance or require a non-scheduled inspection for urgent compliance needs, Fast Fleet’s dedicated professionals are here to cater to your fleet’s unique requirements. Our commitment to excellence means that you can trust us to provide thorough and accurate inspections, giving you the confidence that your fleet is always in top condition and in compliance with regulatory requirements. 



At Fast Fleet, we recognize that fleet management can present unforeseen hurdles. That’s why we extend our non-scheduled services to DOT inspections, giving you the flexibility to address immediate compliance needs as they arise. Whether you find yourself requiring an urgent inspection for a single truck or have a group of trailers that need prompt attention, we have mobile units on call 24/7. Our non-scheduled inspections ensure that your fleet remains compliant and operational, even in unexpected situations. Trust us to provide swift, expert inspections whenever you need them.


Scheduled on-site inspections offer a streamlined approach to compliance that puts you in control. By proactively scheduling your annual DOT inspections and planning them well in advance, you gain the convenience of hassle-free compliance management. With our scheduled inspections, there’s no need to constantly monitor or coordinate last-minute requests. You can relax knowing that your compliance needs are pre-arranged and will be handled efficiently. We take the complexity out of compliance, allowing you to focus on your core operations with confidence.



With our on-site service, there's no need to transport your vehicles to an inspection facility, saving you valuable time and minimizing operational disruptions.

Custom Scheduling

We work around your schedule. Choose the most convenient time for your inspections, whether it's during off-hours, weekends, or whenever suits your operation best.

Immediate Feedback

You'll receive comprehensive inspection reports on-site, allowing you to address any issues promptly and efficiently.

Compliance Assurance

Our certified inspectors thoroughly examine your truck or trailer, making sure they meet all federal and state compliance requirements. You can trust that your fleet is always up to code.

Fleetwide Coverage

Whether you have a small or large fleet, our on-site inspections cater to your specific needs. We ensure that every vehicle meets compliance standards.

No Contract Required

Fast Fleet offers flexibility. There are no long-term contracts, giving you the freedom to choose our services as needed.

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