Tractor Trailer Repair Service

Commercial trucking repair services in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama

Tractor Trailer Repair Service

Commercial trucking repair services in Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama

Full service semi truck and trailer repair with 5 star rated customer satisfaction

When operating in the commercial trucking industry, repairs and maintenance are just a part of day to day business for many. Whether you and your team are on the road 24 hours a day, or you take occasional dispatch jobs specializing in a niche industry, you want to avoid truck breakdowns at all costs.

At Fast Fleet, we know the frustration of dealing with a breakdown. Time is money, and any time not spent on the road is time losing money. If you’re looking for a reliable diesel mechanic to help with roadside breakdowns, call Fast Fleet.

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About our Trailer Repair Service

Immediate Dispatch

We send a local technician immediately out to your location, usually arriving in 90 minutes or less.

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Fair pricing that doesn't leave you feeling taken advantage of after your roadside service.

Services for HD to Tractor Trailer

We offer repair and maintenance services on commercial vehicles from Class 2 through Class 8, including diesel pickups, box trucks, refrigeration trucks, semi-trucks and trailers, and more.

Roadside Repair

No matter the issue, we work with you directly to get your roadside repair done as fast as possible.

Why outsourced fleet maintenance makes sense

Managing ongoing vehicle maintenance remains the most basic and essential component of a fleet or a repair manager’s responsibilities. As more and more companies operate fleet assets in wider areas, they now require quality mobile maintenance services.

With all the moving pieces required to establish a mobile maintenance program, midsize to large fleets encounter difficulty achieving the same level of service as they would at their repair facility. And smaller fleets without their own maintenance facilities recognize an increase in downtime when vehicles need to be shuttled to an offsite repair facility.

By engaging an outsourced provider that specializes in mobile maintenance, these critical services can be delivered to fleets large and small with a high degree of confidence in the results.

To learn more about our mobile fleet maintenance services, call Fast Fleet today.

Get Roadside Assistance

If you’ve experienced a breakdown and need immediate roadside assistance, call us or use the webform below to connect with us. We’ll quickly coordinate your location and dispatch a local mechanic to facilitate your repair.