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Reliable Diesel Engine Maintenance that prolongs the lifespan of your commercial Truck

Repairing diesel engines for a fleet of commercial trucks can be an excruciatingly expensive and painful process. Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines are subject to rigorous environmental regulations that have changed the way that trucks are built, and has historically caused problems for many commercial truck companies.

From issues with injection systems, to additional maintenance costs, the average semi truck owner or diesel truck owner knows that diesel engine maintenance is more important now than ever, and that regular scheduled truck maintenance can keep you on the road and more profitable.

If you are a commercial truck owner, or are responsible for fleet maintenance, you’ll love Fast Fleet’s preventative maintenance program. To ensure optimum diesel engine performance, our preventative maintenance scheduling identifies issues and addresses the problem ahead of time. This allows truck drivers to avoid roadside break downs or expensive overhauls.

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Onsite diesel engine maintenance that prolongs the life of your commercial trucks

Diesel-powered trucks are the overwhelming choice among fleets and owner-operators. In commercial applications, a diesel engine is more efficient than a gasoline engine. That efficiency comes in two forms: lower cost of operation and the engine’s longevity.

Ensuring the long life of a diesel engine requires keeping a keen eye on maintenance. But having a truck in for service is time that it’s not on the road. The fleet manager (ETC) has a difficult decision to make, either extended routine engine service intervals or manage around the downtime.

Fast Fleet offers a solution that allows fleet managers, repair managers, and breakdown departments to greatly diminish the downtime required to provide engine maintenance services to a commercial truck.

Fast Fleet’s preventative maintenance program ensures optimum diesel engine performance through regularly scheduled onsite services. Our onsite services include scheduling that helps you identify and address issues before they turn into a breakdown and a costly repair.

If you’re looking to start or upgrade an onsite engine maintenance program, call Fast Fleet today.

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