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24/7 roadside truck and trailer repair.

Mobile tire replacement services.

Commercial truck repair services.

Diesel engine maintenance services.

DOT compliance inspection at a time and place convenient for you.

Proactive fleet maintenance.

On-site streamlined compliance.

High quality on-site trailer repairs.

Convenient and efficient repair services.

Comprehensive tire services.

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On-Site Fleet Services

“Onsite Excellence; Your Fleet, Your schedule” 

Fast Fleet is your all-in-one partner for comprehensive on-site services that cater to every facet of your fleet’s needs. Our offerings go beyond the basics, ensuring your fleet is always in peak condition, and your operations run seamlessly. With a dedication to excellence and a commitment to innovation, we are here to empower your fleet with industry-leading solutions that prioritize efficiency, minimize downtime, and keep you moving forward.



Comprehensive PM services for trucks, trailers and liftgates

Annual DOT Inspections

Stay compliant at a time and place convenient for you


Our on-site truck repair services ensure your fleet is always road-ready


Optimize your trailer fleet's performance and reliability with our on-site solutions


Swift, convenient, and expert tire services, delivered to your location.


No Long-Term Contracts

We earn your loyalty with exceptional service, not binding contracts.

Scheduled or Non-Scheduled

Choose scheduled service or call us as needed.

Customizable Hours

Work on your schedule, including after hours, nights or weekends

Flexible Options

Opt for a dedicated on-site technician or rotating schedules.

On-Stop Solution

We handle everything from routine maintenance to complex repairs

Scalable Solutions

From a single truck or trailer to fleets with hundreds of units

Customized Service Plans

We work with you to create a service plan tailored to your unique needs.

Complete Transparency

We obtain approval before any repairs are made or parts are replaced.

Benefits of on-site services

Minimized Downtime

Keep your assets on the road and revenue flowing.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce overhead costs associated with transporting vehicles and pay for additional labor hours.

Enhanced Productivity

On-site services mean less time away from work for your drivers and technicians, translating to increased productivity.

Convenience Redefined

No more time-consuming trips to a shop; we come to you

Streamlined Communication

Direct communication with on-site technicians ensures clear instructions and immediate feedback.

Emergency Response

On-site services can swiftly address unforeseen breakdowns, ensuring your assets get back on the road.

Personalized Attention

Benefit from the undivided attention of on-site technicians who are dedicated to your fleet's well-being.

Faster Turnaround

On-site technicians are often more readily available, ensuring faster turnaround times for repairs and maintenance.

Service Flexibility: Your Fleet, Your Terms


With Fast Fleet’s Dedicated On-Site Service we place a mobile unit and skilled technician at your location up to 7 days a week. With the flexibility to choose service frequency and no long-term contracts, you’ll benefit from immediate repairs, proactive maintenance checks, and a tailored approach that ensures your fleet stays on the road and in compliance. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our dedicated service, redefining fleet management support.


Fleet management requires a strategic approach, and Fast Fleet is here to simplify it for you. By proactively scheduling tasks such as 90-day PMs, off-hour repairs, and annual DOT inspections, you gain the freedom to plan ahead. This means you won’t have to constantly monitor and coordinate last-minute requests; instead, you can enjoy the convenience of a pre-arranged and hassle-free fleet maintenance experience.


At Fast Fleet, we understand that fleet management can sometimes throw unexpected challenges your way. That’s why we offer non-scheduled on-site visits, providing you with the flexibility to address specific needs as they arise. Whether you’re a fleet owner looking to have work done on a group of trucks or trailers or a fleet manager overseeing units in different states, our non-scheduled services have you covered.

Fast Fleet: Efficient and Reliable Roadside Fleet Repair Services

Fast Fleet, a versatile leader in the fleet management sector, has transitioned from a small company into a five-state enterprise capable of meeting the needs of any fleet, large or small.

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