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Benefits of Mobile Maintenance for Trucking Companies

How are you currently maintaining your fleet of trucks? Do you try to handle the maintenance through the staff you hire? Do you try to send the trucks out for maintenance every few months? Different companies will try to come up with different solutions, but they may not all be as good as simply using a mobile maintenance company.

These types of services are fantastic for ensuring your fleet is fully maintained and operating optimally. Trained technicians can be deployed through these companies to visit your place of business to maintain and repair your semi-trucks. Let’s look at some of the benefits of choosing a mobile maintenance company.

Reduced Employment Costs

You can’t avoid the need to maintain and repair your trucks. However, working with a mobile maintenance company is a more affordable option than hiring additional staff at your company to tackle repairs and maintenance. It can cost quite a bit of money to bring on enough staff to handle everything. Additionally, they aren’t needed all of the time. Hiring them and putting them on staff would be a waste.

Fleet trucks are likely to need service and repairs that go beyond what you and your current staff can do. You won’t have the tools, knowledge, or skills to take care of everything. It’s far easier to work with a mobile fleet maintenance company.

Save Time and Effort

You will find that working with a mobile maintenance company will often be faster, as well. These companies have vehicles that are ready to come to your place of business or to go to your truck to make the repairs and perform maintenance. It tends to be faster than bringing the vehicle to a separate facility, and it is also easier for you and your drivers.

Access to Parts and Equipment

You may not have all of the types of tools and equipment that you need to properly maintain the vehicles. When something goes wrong, you might not have the parts needed to repair it, and you may not even know where to find the best quality parts. When you work with one of these fleet maintenance companies, though, they have the inside track. They will have—or can get—the parts you need. They have the experience and the tools needed to do the job right.

Keeps the Trucks in Good Working Order

Your trucks are the lifeblood of your company. Without them functioning properly, it would mean bad things for your business. Each vehicle that is out of commission will affect your finances and how your customers see you. Properly maintaining the trucks and keeping them operating, keeps the work flowing smoothly and ensures your trucks stay productive.


One of the other key benefits is that mobile maintenance professionals make things much easier for you. It’s far more convenient for you to have someone you can call to come and take care of things than it is to try to bring your trucks somewhere. You have other things you have to worry about. You shouldn’t spend all of your time thinking about truck maintenance. Leave that to the professionals.

Better Maintenance Could Help Resale Value

Here is another benefit of mobile maintenance companies that a lot of fleet owners don’t consider. Proper maintenance of the vehicles will help to ensure that they retain a better and higher value if they are ever resold. Even though you may not be currently considering selling any of the vehicles in your fleet, it’s good to keep them in the best condition possible in case you do sell them later.

Roadside Assistance and Repairs

When you have a fleet of semi-trucks, they are going to be out and working for you most of the time. At least that tends to be the typical scenario. This means that they may not always be at your main location or one of your hubs when they need to undergo repairs. 

If you have to handle those roadside issues on your own, you are going to have a hard time. You might not always have an easy way to get to the truck that needs a repair, and you likely won’t have the right tools and parts. Working with mobile maintenance companies that can provide roadside assistance is the solution you need.

Ignore Maintenance At Your Peril

If you don’t properly maintain the vehicles, they are going to start breaking down. When this happens, it puts you behind schedule. It also means you will likely have much higher repair costs than you would have had if you had bothered with proper maintenance. Maintenance is not just a good idea. It is essential if you want to continue to have a thriving business.

Choose the Right Company for Mobile Maintenance

Today, you can find plenty of companies that can provide your fleet with mobile maintenance and repairs. However, this doesn’t mean that all of these companies are created equally. Some potential problems could arise if you choose the wrong mobile maintenance professionals for the job.

Take the time to learn more about the company you are considering. How long have they been in business? Do they work with the types of trucks you have in your fleet? Where can they go to perform the maintenance and repairs? Learn as much as possible before settling on them.

This includes knowing the types of services they can provide. Will they be able to provide you with preventative maintenance, as well as mobile fleet repair? Can they replace the battery or provide you with a jumpstart? Can they repair the trailer? 

Find out what they can do and make sure it aligns with what you need from a mobile maintenance company. When you choose the right professionals, you can experience all of the benefits mentioned above and more.



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